Forget the thought of store bought cleaners and paper towels! We will teach you how to get clean, shiny, and streak-free window. First off, let’s focus on the hand tools needed.

These tools are inexpensive and will last for many years. They can be purchased online or at most hardware stores. For your convenience, we have provided links at the bottom of the page for the tools and supplies we recommend on Amazon.

  • CLEANING WAND – these come in a variety of sizes. You will need to pick a size that best suites the size of the windows you will be cleaning.
The T shaped cleaning wand allows you apply even pressure and cover a large amount of surface
  • SQUEEGEE – like the cleaning wand, these also come in a variety of sizes. While these will last for several cleanings, over time the squeegee rubber will need to be replaced. We will cover that in our videos on the next page.
A high quality squeegee is essential for leaving your windows spot-less and streak-free.
  • BUCKET – There’s no need to buy a special bucket. Any household cleaning bucket will do. A window cleaning bucket will allow you to immerse the entire wand in the cleaning solution at once, instead of each end separately.
An example of a special window cleaning bucket and standard household bucket. Both can be used for cleaning windows.
  • PAPER TOWELS – Paper towels work better than clothes because you will use them to soak up any remaining cleaning solution around the corner of the windows.
Basic paper towels work well. Blue shop towels are heavier duty and can be used for harder cleaning tasks around the house.
  • EXTENSION POLE (optional) – An extension pole is handy to have around the house, but you may not need it. If you have second floor windows, check to see if you have tilt in windows. We will cover tilt in windows in the basic techniques.
Extension poles can be used for a variety of uses around the home.

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Now that you know about the tools, let’s continute and learn about the CLEANING SOLUTION