Cleaning Solution

If you found yourself in a room full of professional window cleaners and asked them about their cleaning solution, chances are you will hear a variety of “recipes”.  Professional window cleaners can be like bar-b-que pit masters that have their top secret sauce and rub recipes. They will each swear by their recipe as the best. They aren’t wrong! One thing is for sure though, you will never hear anyone mention pre-packaged, store-bought cleaners.

The absolute best window cleaning solution can be found right in your kitchen:

  • Dish Soap – A couple of squirts per gallon!
  • Water
That’s the window cleaning secret!

When used with a cleaning wand and squeegee, soapy water will leave your windows shiny and streak-free!

Some window cleaners may use additives such as Tri-sodium Phosphate – Phosphate Free (TSP-PF) or ammonia on windows that haven’t been cleaned in a long time or that are in an industrial setting.  Additives my help cut greasy films or add a little extra strength cleaner to dirtier windows. However, we don’t suggest using them, especially in a residential settings. TSP-PF isn’t as potent as its original formula Tri-sodium Phosphate. We don’t suggest ammonia because it dries quickly and we feel it contributes to streaks.