Clean your windows like a professional!

Whether you are preparing to sell your home, host the family for the holidays, or doing spring cleaning, having sparkling windows can add a special touch to your home.  Cleaning windows is something that typically gets overlooked due to the task being perceived as complicated.

Here at, we will teach you the best way to clean windows, the correct way.  Much to your surprise, it will be much easier than you think and the results will be far beyond what you get with paper towels and a bottle of blue spray cleaner.

We are here to provide you with all the knowledge you need to save you time and money, all while learning how to clean your windows like a professional! With a little practice, cleaning your own windows will be a “Do It Yourself” task that you will enjoy doing often because it can actually be  fun! Yes, a DIY job that can actually be fun and rewarding!

Ready to dive in and have some fun? Ready for that satisfying feeling of a job well done? Let’s get started!


Learn about the basic tools needed to clean your windows perfectly!


Forget about paper towels and store bought spray cleaners!